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RunBuddy is a smartphone-based S.O.S alarm system for use during independent exercise.

What is RunBuddy?

Have you ever been out for a walk, run, or ride and suddenly found yourself in an uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situation? All of us have. That’s why we built RunBuddy – a smartphone application that acts as your “buddy” while you’re out for a walk, run, or ride. Thanks to automatic alerts triggered by GPS activity, RunBuddy is designed to advocate for you and get attention to your situation when you may not be able to.

How Does RunBuddy Work?

Using GPS and cellular connectivity, RunBuddy:

Automatic and Manual Alerts

RunBuddy features both automatic and manual alerts to keep you feeling safe at all times.

Activity Start/Stop

Buddies are automatically notified each time you begin and end an activity and can follow your location on a map.

No/Low Speed

If you are moving too slowly or are stationary, an automatic alert is sent in case you have a medical emergency.

Panic Button

Should you feel uncomfortable or sense danger, hit the panic button on your screen. An alert is sent to your buddies, allowing them to call you immediately.

Lost Connection

If you do enter an area with no cellular reception, RunBuddy will make your buddies aware.

High Speed

If you are suddenly moving at 40 miles per hour, you are likely in a car and may have been kidnapped.

Up to 5 Buddies

Select up to 5 buddies from your contacts. When you use the app next time, those 5 buddies will appear immediately at the top of the list.

Stay Safe. Keep Your Family and Friends Informed.

RunBuddy eases the anxiety of your loved ones, coaches, and yourself during your independent exercise.

Peace of Mind

As long as your phone has cell reception, your buddies are your safety net.